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Effective Weed Control Services

Keeping Your Yard Free From Unwanted Weeds

Weeds are an unwelcome sight for any homeowner. Even a single weed can ruin the appearance of a well-maintained lawn. 

With quality weed control services from Wildcat Exterminating, you’ll be able to get rid of the most common and most stubborn weeds in your area. Contact us today for specialized weed control services. We offer MILITARY and SENIOR CITIZEN DISCOUNTS on our services.

Our Weed Control Service Plans

If weeds are ruining your landscape, get in touch with us for semiannual and quarterly weed control service plans. These service plans are perfect for large properties and for those who don't want to spend much time on yard work.

We offer monthly and every other month services for the residents who live inside strict HOA neighborhoods and for those who don't want to deal with the weeds in their yard. These monthly services have been designed to keep your yard 90%-100% weed free.
Weed Control

Weed Control and Pre-Emergent Weed Control Services

Timely herbicide applications are important for weed control. Our herbicide applications include a preventative pre-emergent and a weed killer for any existing weeds.

Contact us today to eliminate weeds in your yard and to prevent their return by maintaining healthy grass.
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"Been using Wildcat for several years now, after giving up on over-priced "TN." Wildcat is always on time, their technicians and staff are friendly and considerate, and they get the job done. And they are affordable."

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