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Protect Your Home and Family From Bees

Keeping Your Family Safe From Bee Stings

Concerned about an active bee hive on your property? Get in touch with the professionals at Wildcat Exterminating to get rid of it. 

We have the knowledge and resources needed to safely remove the bees from your area so you can get back to enjoying the outdoors again.

Eliminate Bees From Your Property

Different species of bees prefer different locations to build their nests. The most likely locations are tree trunks, under a storage shed, or in a void of an exterior wall of your home. 

Do not let bees and other bugs keep you from going outside. Upsetting a bee hive or aggravating a bee can result in an attack that can be dangerous and sometimes life-threatening. Ensure your safety with our services.
Bees Control

Get Rid of Carpenter Bees and Honey Bees

Bees which have been around for weeks can create enough honey and cause damage due to weight and moisture contained within the comb. Our professionals will work with you to create a plan for preventing additional damage.

Carpenter Bees can cause structural damage, and behave very differently from Honey bees. These are less common in Southern Arizona; if you suspect you may have Carpenter Bees, give us a call for a free inspection.

If you suspect your property is infested with carpenter bees, give us a call. We offer MILITARY and SENIOR CITIZEN DISCOUNTS on all our services.
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"I had a major bee problem but not anymore! Very friendly, knowledgeable, great price and excellent service. I am beyond happy with the service and would very highly recommend Wildcat!"

Cathy Harm, Sonoita, AZ
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